Possible Treatment Opportunities For Eliminating Damaged Veins

varicosetreatmentsweb, June 30, 2016

Local residents could experience symptoms associated with developing varicose veins. These veins can produce serious discomfort and swelling. When residents experience these conditions, they need clear solutions to eliminate these damaged veins. A local clinician could present the residents with beneficial treatments that eliminate the veins and reduce the risk of new developments.

Reviewing Vein Stripping

Vein stripping is performed by creating two incisions. The clinician cuts the patient just below the groin and at the top of the knee. The vein is cut and pulled through the second incision. The surgeon reroutes the blood supply to surrounding veins. These procedure is among the more invasive options and could increase risks of infection. Any patient that develops an infection may stay in the hospital until the infection is eliminated.


Choosing Ablation Surgery

Ablation surgeries used heated devices to force the blood out of the vein. The heat causes the vein to collapse and seal at each end. The surgery requires an incision. However, most patients are treated on an outpatient basis. They most common side effects of the procedures are swelling, bruising, and mild bleeding. If these conditions become more serious, the patient should seek medical attention quickly.

Sclerotherapy Treatment for these Veins

Sclerotherapy treatment for these veins involves the injection of a solution into the vein completely. The solution flows throughout the vein. This causes it to collapse and seal off completely. Patients with larger veins will need more treatments. Once complete, the vein becomes invisible and the aesthetics of the leg is improved.

What are the Possible Side Effects or Complications?

The most common complications for these procedures include infection, swelling, and bruising primarily. With these veins, the patient could face complications such as leg ulcers or blood clots. The clinicians should evaluate the vein after the healing process. This could reduce the onset of life-threatening conditions.

What Can They Expect After Surgery or Treatment?

Patients are required to wear compression stockings for at least the first day following the procedure. They should take over-the-counter pain medications to manage discomfort. The doctor may provide antibiotics to reduce the onset of infections as well.

Local residents that experience symptoms of varicose veins treatments need clear solutions. A clinician provides the most effective treatment strategy based on the size of the veins. This may include non-invasive treatments such as sclerotherapy or complex surgeries such as vein stripping. Patients who need help with these veins should contact a local clinician today.

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